The Pension Game has been developed to get people engaged and curious about their pension.

Throughout the game, the players will be rewarded for practising good foresight and penalized for neglecting their pension. They will also encounter life-like situations, in which they have to choose what actions to take next, which will affect their pension and senior life.

By playing the game, players gain a greater understanding of which actions to take (in real life) to build and secure themselves financially in the future.

By facilitating The Pension Game, the facilitator will be able to collect data about the players’ behaviour, which can use to gauge the proper approach to the different types of “pension personalities”.

These insights will be incredibly valuable in the quest to capture the 25 – 35-year-old segment of pension customers.

Watch The Pension Game introduction video on YouTube.

If you are interested in The Pension Game contact Lars Albert Beck Thomsen.

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