We might challenge what you thought you needed us for, but only to ensure we all know what we’re getting into.

We’re a ‘full-service’ IT-management/architecture house. Whether you prefer the agile or waterfall – or service design – methodologies you can rely on us to apply the appropriate methods or techniques to help your project succeed.

Our consultants have experience from many different fields and projects, so any time you need help or guidance when implementing a digital solution, you can find at least one Trustworker who can help you along. We will ensure that any of our consultants that step into your project will create value from day one.

Get in touch if:

  1. You need a strategy for your infrastructure, your tender, your entire project, your relationship with users or customers
  2. You need to map yours and your customers’ needs – and a plan for how the two might be combined and supported
  3. You need to create a viable business case with gains that may actually be harvested within a known timeframe – or even just to define the real purpose of the project
  4. You need to document requirements, to create a tender or evaluate an offer
  5. You need a project (or programme) manager or user experience architect to keep the project on track
  6. When you need skilled software development individuals or entire scrum teams to implement your user stories
  7. When you need a usability test to ensure that your solution performs as intended before it is launched to a wider audience
  8. When you want to ensure the solution is well received in your organisation on deployment