At Trustworks we are constantly looking for new talent to help our clients lead digital transformation, define their IT and Business Architecture or implement complex solutions through Programme and Project Management.

So if you’re an experienced consultant please give us a try!

When we are vetting new talent, we ask ourselves nine important questions:

  1. Are you committed to ending ‘business as usual’ by stepping out of your existing corporate environment?
  2. Are you interested in projects where business and IT symphonize?
  3. Are you able to comprehend multiple perspectives in a spacious manner?
  4. Can you understand complicated matters and communicate them simplistically?
  5. Are you genuinely interested in helping our clients succeed?
  6. Are you a fast learner and do you thrive on a continuous and steep learning curve?
  7. Do you share your learnings with others?
  8. Are you an outgoing, honest and an empathetic person?
  9. Do you focus on balancing fun, work, and life?

Does this resonate with you? Did you get that warm and tingling feeling? Keep reading, you are just a paragraph away from getting in touch with us – and perhaps becoming part of an organization that does not do business as usual.

Just a few additional mandatory qualifications for you to tick off:

  • Proficient in Danish or an equivalent Scandinavian language and preferably accomplished in English
  • If you recently graduated, we expect a relevant Master’s degree e.g. cand.IT, cand.merc.IT, cand.merc.dat, cand.scient
  • If you are an experienced consultant, we expect documented results

Finally! We would love to hear from you!

Contact our Chief Cultural Officer for an informal talk or to ask whatever questions you might have:
Michael Bruun

Want to know a little more about working at Trustworks – but not quite ready to talk to our CcuO?
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